About Hope Blooming

Do you have your life planned out? It goes something like this–first I’ll …, then I’ll …, and after that I’ll …  (you fill in the blanks).

We all do it. Don’t we?

We may have influence over different aspects of our lives but no matter how hard we try things don’t always go according to plan. At least they haven’t for me–how about you?

“Your story is important. Your questions are important. They are clues to your deepest longings.”

When unexpected adversities hit – be it a job-loss, the death of a loved one, broken relationships, caring for an elderly parent, a health crisis like a chronic illness, heart disease, or if  cancer strikes us–or a loved one–we can experience confusion, overwhelm, grief, pain, and more. It shakes us to our core. We suffer–emotionally, physically, and spiritually because it deeply impacts every part of our soul.

“Life is exciting yet it can also be challenging.
Sometimes, it knocks us down snatching away hopes and dreams!”

Forgetting who we are and whose we are can allow circumstances to overwhelm us.

The closer the tragedy; the bigger the impact. When challenges bunch up one after often beliefs and truths we once embraced are forgotten–we become overwhelmed. Overwhelm makes us forget who and whose we are. We forget how we survived tough times before–we feel alone. We forget when to reach for help only to find ourselves isolated. We forget what helps us be strong and our eyes, no longer fixed on what brings us true hope, become focused only on our difficult circumstances and suffering. Our resolve weakens, we ask questions like “why”, we wonder “what if”, we doubt with a myriad of questions, and assign blame–“it’s ___’s fault”. Sound familiar? You are not alone.

“… sit a while and read stories of hope, reflect on your own story, and consider how wholeness and hope can be weclomed in new ways into your life.”

Sometimes things need revisiting to gain new understanding and then be released to make room for hope to bloom.

This is an invitation to sit a while and read stories of hope, reflect on your own story, and consider how wholeness and hope can be welcomed in new ways into your life.

For you see we are not so very different from one another. Our circumstances may differ from each other’s–but facing crises, challenges, and suffering is a universal human experience. No one is immune from it.

The best thing about sojourning with others is learning from one another’s stories and journeying side by side as we find wholeness along the way. We are always stronger in community for we were designed to heal and be whole within community.

Stories help us uncover new life-giving truths inspiring us to consider the next chapter of our own lives and make room for hope to bloom.









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Stories help us imagine ourselves in another’s journey and can inspire us to gain new perspectives and uncover hope in our own.

Come read more stories ... words from the heart