Is life not turning out the way you planned?
Do crises push out all hope making it seem impossible to grasp?

Drawing from personal stories author Fern E.M. Buszowski invites you to consider ways to Embrace Life, Embrace Hope through the unexpected. Whatever crisis you or your loved ones are going through, she extends an invitation to join her as she shares her walk toward hope and wholeness. She uniquely weaves concepts and practices from different fields to help you learn new ways to:

  • cultivate sacred space for their soul;
  • be inspired to live well even in difficult places;
  • create space for their heart, body, mind, and soul to flourish;
  • build resilient ways, uncover wholeness and hope; and not just survive but thrive.

As a counsellor and retired pastor of counselling and soul care I thought I knew how to live a life of faith and hope – until I was diagnosed with the devastating news of oral cancer.

When we are in a place of suffering our attention seems to center on the circumstances that caused it and develop the longing to return to what we once knew as normal. In my case the pain came from a disfiguring cancer surgery and treatment. Overwhelm drew me to focus solely on physical healing where I mistakenly expected to have everything return to normal. But my old normal was gone – permanently!

When I finally remembered that God’s original story for us was to be whole – body, mind, and spirit my journey shifted to embrace a more holistic type of healing. This is when I began to heal more fully and find new hope and wholeness so I could live life well with my new limitations because I began to care for myself in a whole way – body, mind, and spirit.

*All profits received by the author will be donated to cancer research and/or support groups for cancer patients and their families.

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All proceeds will be donated toward Cancer Research or support groups for cancer patients and their families.

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